Inspiration from Emma Thompson in Late Night

September 13, 2019

Inspiration From Emma Thompson In Late Night

When it comes to style inspiration in film, we often look to older movies or stories set in the past,…

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Getting Radical: Q+A with Noah’s Brendon Babenzien

August 29, 2019

Getting Radical: Q+A With Noah’s Brendon Babenzien

Aggressiveness often softens with time. It’s students who protest; young people who start bands and throw bricks. The older people…

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Shopping for Vintage Graphic Tshirts

August 22, 2019

Shopping For Vintage Graphic Tshirts

When a trend crests, it’s often pretty clear who’s been riding the wave for years and who’s trying to hop…

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White Hot Glistening Shadowy Flows: A Playlist for August

August 15, 2019

White Hot Glistening Shadowy Flows: A Playlist For August

It’s Friday night. Good friends are on their way, light beer and cheap wine are on ice, fine cheeses and…

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Take the Heat: Summer Sucks for Clothes

August 9, 2019

Take The Heat: Summer Sucks For Clothes

The Washington Post has been publishing a series this season debunking the supposed joys of summer. Fashion critic Robin Givhan…

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What You Can Really Afford: A Decent Belt

August 5, 2019

What You Can Really Afford: A Decent Belt

I love wearing things into the ground. Like many guys, I repair my jeans (or pay someone more qualified to…

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It’s 2019 and You Still Need a Navy Blazer

July 29, 2019

It’s 2019 And You Still Need A Navy Blazer

Consider the neti pot. If you’ve never used one, a neti pot is a small ceramic pot, with a narrow…

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Jazz Style Behind the Scenes: Photographs of Milt Hinton

July 19, 2019

Jazz Style Behind The Scenes: Photographs Of Milt Hinton

Good style rarely happens in a vacuum — you can build personal style, but when it comes to icon status,…

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Before the Bad Boys: Inspiration from Wimbledon in the Early 1970s

July 11, 2019

Before The Bad Boys: Inspiration From Wimbledon In The Early 1970s

Wimbledon might be the most photogenic event in sports. A game focused on one-on-one competition; clean white sportswear against green…

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What to Do with Your Hands in Photographs

July 3, 2019

What To Do With Your Hands In Photographs

It’s tempting to make building style a mechanical exercise, especially when you first start paying attention to your clothes. Find…

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Eight Pairs of Shorts to Consider Right Now

June 28, 2019

Eight Pairs Of Shorts To Consider Right Now

We all have a friend who wears jeans year round, regardless of the weather. Indigo cotton to the ankle, always….

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Thrashin’: The Case for One Sneaker All Summer Long

June 13, 2019

Thrashin’: The Case For One Sneaker All Summer Long

When you’re young, authenticity can be everything. Probably before Holden Caulfield whined about phonies, and certainly since, we judge people…

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Shakedown Feet: Sandals for Summer and Beyond

June 7, 2019

Shakedown Feet: Sandals For Summer And Beyond

The Ringer’s Amanda Dobbins recently said men’s fashion is in it’s “woman repeller” phase — that men seem to be…

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EBay Roundup

June 4, 2019

EBay Roundup

There’s a lot of great menswear on eBay, but to find the good stuff, you have to search for hours….

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Real People: Homing In on Your Personal Style

June 3, 2019

Real People: Homing In On Your Personal Style

Building good wardrobe is like making a good sitcom. You assemble elements you think have the right chemistry, refine the…

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