It’s On Sale: Brooks Brothers OCBDs For $69

November 3, 2020


I’m not going to parse this one for meaning, just relay it: Brooks Brothers’ oxfords, which are quite nice if not perfect, are half price right now. While they’re a questionable value at $140, the regular price, they’re a great value at $69. There are occasionally better multi-buy deals on these, but not super often you can just buy one for <$100.

Brooks groups a number of shirts in this category — their basic dress OCBD (the “new” model that debuted in 2016, 350 years ago) with unlined collar and no chest pocket (they still list “North Carolina” in the description, although they expect to close their Garland factory if it’s not closed already) in blue, white, green, and some university-striped variations — and their “sport shirt” which has a chest pocket and S-M-L vs neck/sleeve sizes, in basic blues as well as plaids and stripes and “fun” fabrics. There seems to be a decent size run in most fabrics across their ridiculous range of fits, from extra slim, to slim, to fitted, to classic.

Note this sale is online only.