April 5, 2019


A hat from the Band of Outsiders. If you’re looking in the mirror, wondering to yourself, “can I pull this…

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Rooting for Laundry: Baseball-Jersey-Style Shirts

March 29, 2019

Rooting For Laundry: Baseball-Jersey-Style Shirts

A baseball shirt layered under a work-style jacket; both by Evan Kinori. Listen. Do you hear the <phwipp> <smack> of…

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Emerging Markets

March 21, 2019

Emerging Markets

At Put This On, we know quality, interesting clothing is expensive, and since our founding, we’ve endorsed vintage and secondhand…

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I’d Like to Try to Fumigate This Here Sweater: Dealing with Moths, without Pesticides

March 7, 2019

I’d Like To Try To Fumigate This Here Sweater: Dealing With Moths, Without Pesticides

Two things that make modern menswear enthusiasts shudder: bad return policies and moths. The former can be avoided, the latter…

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What's Next, Big Shorts? Goldman Sachs Relaxes Dress Code

March 7, 2019

What’s Next, Big Shorts? Goldman Sachs Relaxes Dress Code

Ronald Reagan and Deputy Secretary of State John C. Whitehead, former senior partner at Goldman Sachs. Whenever we talk about…

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5 Things under $50 You Can Get Right Now to Prep Your Wardrobe for Spring

February 28, 2019

5 Things Under $50 You Can Get Right Now To Prep Your Wardrobe For Spring

One of the ways we build our wardrobes is “upgrading”–buying better versions of things we already know we like. And…

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Harsh Realms and Deal Sleds

February 21, 2019

Harsh Realms And Deal Sleds

Even worse than being out of touch is knowing people think of you as out of touch. In 1992, a…

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Suits for Leisu -- I Mean, Nontraditional Suits

February 14, 2019

Suits For Leisu — I Mean, Nontraditional Suits

Some designers and brands are betting that men are ready for a new kind of suit. The generation of men…

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Why It Doesn’t Seem to Matter That Amazon Will Soon Be the Largest American Clothing Retailer

February 7, 2019

Why It Doesn’t Seem To Matter That Amazon Will Soon Be The Largest American Clothing Retailer

Amazon, the all-seeing eye atop the pyramid of modern American capitalism, made a lot of news last year as it…

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Never Tired: Fatigue Pants for Every Budget

January 31, 2019

Never Tired: Fatigue Pants For Every Budget

The triumvirate of classic men’s casual pants? Blue jeans, khakis, and fatigue pants. They rule over all others. The renewability…

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"N" is for Dad: New Balance's Classic Runners

January 24, 2019

“N” Is For Dad: New Balance’s Classic Runners

When we apply “dad” as an adjective to clothing (dad shoes, dad jeans, dad hat), sometimes we mean a literal…

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The Joy of Sparking Joy: A Kondo Scale for Clothing Enthusiasts

January 21, 2019

The Joy Of Sparking Joy: A Kondo Scale For Clothing Enthusiasts

The poem from which the fourth movement of Beethoven’s 9th symphony draws (maybe you know it), Friedrich Schiller’s Ode to…

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Caught by the Fuzz: A Brief History of Fleece

January 10, 2019

Caught By The Fuzz: A Brief History Of Fleece

Not long ago, synthetic fleece represented what men did not want in their clothing. It was as comfy, middle-aged, and…

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Data doesn't lie: my 2018 style by the numbers

January 3, 2019

Data Doesn’t Lie: My 2018 Style By The Numbers

The end of one year and the beginning of the next: (1) an ultimately meaningless transition that does little to…

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Exchanging Those "Meh" Gifts

December 28, 2018

Exchanging Those “Meh” Gifts

If you’re like me (frankly, a little spoiled), you get a lot of presents during the holiday season. Legit thoughtful…

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