5 Things Under $50 You Can Get Right Now To Prep Your Wardrobe For Spring

February 28, 2019

One of the ways we build our wardrobes is “upgrading”–buying better versions of things we already know we like. And the fashion industry knows this. We’ve been buying designer jeans for decades, and for a long time now, brands have been selling pretty much every basic with “lux” in front of it, from cargo pants to white tees. It sometimes seems like a race to see who can make the most expensive X.

That said, clothing in general is as inexpensive as ever. Low inflation and cheap labor have kept prices for basic consumer goods low for a long time. A Hanes 3-pack costs $10 in 2019 ($3.33/shirt), compared to a $5.31 retail price in 1970  ($34.45 in 2019 dollars) for a 3-pack of Sears t-shirts (over $11/shirt).

Bottom line, if you’re looking for cloth to cover your body, you can find it cheap; maybe cheaper than ever. If you’re looking for interesting things, it can be more difficult. In an era of $1,000 sneakers and $3 tshirts, what can $50 get you today? I did some shopping and found 10 items worth buying right now for $50.