Next-Level Sweaters from Granted

June 23, 2016

Next-Level Sweaters From Granted

I was watching my friend Wyatt Cenac’s new standup show Night Train yesterday, and was struck by an incredible Cowichan-style…

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Men explain why they wear pocket squares

October 29, 2015

Men Explain Why They Wear Pocket Squares

In this street style video shot in Toronto, men explain why they wear pocket squares. As a pocket square vendor,…

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Great Menswear Shops in Europe and Canada

March 18, 2015

Great Menswear Shops In Europe And Canada

After our post on import duties last week, a few readers asked if we could recommend some international shops. The…

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Thom Wong asks: Why not "Made in Canada?"

October 25, 2011

Thom Wong Asks: Why Not “Made In Canada?”

Thom Wong asks: Why not “Made in Canada?”

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a rundown on what I’m bringing on an upcoming work trip

July 18, 2010

A Rundown On What I’m Bringing On An Upcoming Work Trip

Unlike MistahWong, I’m a horrible photographer, but given the packing questions folks are always emailing us, I thought a rundown…

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Why the heck do I live in America, then?

February 12, 2010

Why The Heck Do I Live In America, Then?

Wait a second: all of the provinces of Candada have THEIR OWN TARTANS? Why the heck do I live in…

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