What You Can Really Afford: Uniqlo’s Oversize Pocket T-shirt

May 18, 2017

What You Can Really Afford: Uniqlo’s Oversize Pocket T-shirt

I like a good fitted pocket t-shirt–in fact, they’re the backbone of my summer weekend wear. I have some loud-ass shorts that look best with a simple, flattering jersey tshirt, which have become relatively easy to find a decent price. What’s harder to find is a shirt that’s a little looser, a little less clingy, and that looks intentionally that way. Thrifting shirts from the 90s can get near what I’m talking about, but good shirts are often printed rather than plain, are rarely perfect, and that 90s vintage market is getting competitive. Designer shirts from lines like Alexander Wang and Christophe Lemaire–known for their low slung, slouchy look–can be quite nice, but not cheap and sometimes delicate.

Enter good ol’ Uniqlo. After noticing their oversize short sleeve crewneck in some editorial photo spreads last year, I was glad to see the shirt pop up on their U.S. shopping site this spring. I picked up a couple and I’ve been wearing them a ton as it’s gotten warmer. The fabric on the shirts I bought is not jersey but a thicker, almost pique/miniwaffle material that drapes nicely (they have two shirts up right now; the other seems a more traditional jersey but I haven’t yet handled it). Uniqlo’s model shots make everything look corny–trust me, it’s better in person.

True to its oversize intention, the shirt’s shoulder is a little dropped (i.e., the seam falls high on the arm instead of right at the shoulder), the sleeves are a little longer than, say, an Alternative Apparel t-shirt, and the body is boxy, but not overlong. It reminds me a little of this Niche Comodo shirt, which I also like. Uniqlo’s shirt also has a split, polo-style hem. All details that make it feel a little more sophisticated than a plain t-shirt (although don’t get me wrong, it’s still a t-shirt).

Maybe the best part? They’re $10 right now (on sale from a reasonable $15, which is what I paid).