Our Beloved Sponsors

September 2, 2014

Our Beloved Sponsors

Many thanks to our five sponsors this month for their support. Our first sponsor, The Hanger Project, just received a bunch of new umbrellas and shoehorns from Mario Talarico. Talarico is a craftsman in Naples, Italy, who runs a small two-man workshop with his nephew (also named Mario Talarico). Together, they hand make about four umbrellas a day using single stick woods from around the world. The Hanger Project also just introduced a new line of unique shoehorns from Talarico, using the same sticks that the workshop uses for umbrellas.

Our second sponsor Gustin just got into the work shirt game. Included are some saturated indigo denim shirts, plaid cotton twills, and brushed cotton flannels. The shirts are triple needle stitched and feature a chain stitch run off (a detail often found on vintage work shirts). Production is done at a small workshop that sews for Japanese brands, but since Gustin crowdsources everything and sells directly to customers, they’re able to offer their shirts at half- to a third-of-the price of their competitors.

Next, Proper Cloth has been busy putting together their first fashion show in New York City this week. They do online custom made-to-measure shirts, where customers can input their measurements, select their fabrics and shirt’s details, and receive their shirt delivered to their door. At the moment, they have a bunch of lookbooks from previous’ collections on their website, but you can expect the fall/ winter book to drop sometimes soon.

Finally, we want to thank Ledbury and Chipp Neckwear for their support. Ledbury just added a ton of new shirts to their Labor Day sale, while Chipp continues to offer the lowest prices on grenadine, raw silk, and ancient madder neckties.  

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