All I Want For Christmas: Ask Andy

December 25, 2009

All I Want For Christmas: Ask Andy

In our series All I Want For Christmas, we ask men we like what they’d like to get for Christmas.  Our final subject Andy Gilchrist is the proprietor of Ask Andy About Clothes.  The site features both his book (on CD), “The Encyclopedia of Men’s Clothes,” and a popular men’s style forum.  He’s a classicist, and his site is the unofficial home of the “trads,” who espouse the principles of traditional American style.  So what does the man who gives advice want?

It’s on the luxurious list, but why not treat yourself to a cashmere* sweater!  Go with a cable knit for more interest and a tan color (neutral) for maximum versatility.  Neutral colors go with everything.
You can choose a V-neck, which will show more shirt and attract attention to your face or the classic crew neck.

Happy holidays!

*Cashmere is very soft, and luxurious yarn spun from the wool obtained from the soft fleecy underbelly of the Kashmir (Capra Hircus) goat of the Kashmir Valley, northwestern India.  For many centuries Kashmir was the only place the fiber could be woven, according to treaties that gave the Maharaja of Kashmir exclusive rights to the cashmere supply, but now the Kashmir goat is raised in Tibet, Mongolia, China, Iran, Iraq, and India.

V-neck cashmere sweater by Polo, $299