Arts And Craft: Celia Pym’s Darned Sweaters

June 6, 2017

Arts and Craft: Celia Pym’s Darned Sweaters

Check out this cool Norwegian sweater, which is a finalist in the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize competition and on display in New York’s Chamber Gallery. I noticed it on art critic Black Gopnik’s blog. Gopnik writes:

The British artist Celia Pym has taken a decrepit
old Norwegian sweater and darned it back into useable shape. It escapes
the tired old idea that craft has to be about fancily made fancy things,
which still governs a shocking number of objects in the Loewe show.
Pym’s darning is indeed done by hand, so it speaks to the craft
tradition, but it is more about function and meaning and feeling than

See more of Celia’s work here.