10 Essentials For Fall

September 22, 2016

10 Essentials for Fall

Here at Put This On, we love our essentials. You could say we need them! Readers have found

our previous lists to be exceedingly must have. On the day of the autumnal equinox, here are my 10 essentials for fall 2016:

1. A fucking tweed pumpkin


Jauntily knotted scarves 

3. Attending an Ivy League university in the 1960s


Terrifying horror movie ads when I just wanted to watch Bob’s Burgers and chill

5. Your teeth breaking the skin of an organic Gala apple on a blustery morning

6. Leather jackets

7. Condescending to people who enjoy pumpkin spiced lattes and pumpkin beers

8. The velveteen feel of a freshly oiled beard

9. Hiking

10. The death of all things