We Made It. Thank You.

September 14, 2011

Thanks to everyone who’s supported us. If you haven’t done so yet, it’s not like we’re closed down, feel free to get up off some of that dough and collect some prizes.

If you’re looking for something else to fund, can we make a couple recommendations?

The Classical is a new sports website that hopes to bring to sports a similar spirit to what we bring to style. The totally brilliant lineup of contributors includes my friends Tom Scharpling of The Best Show on WFMU and Bethlehem Shoals of Free Darko, along with many other sportswriting heavy hitters. They’re Kickstarting their first year. These are brilliant guys who are really offering something unique. They’re raising money to fund their first year at Kickstarter right now.

If you’re looking for something style-related, check out the IndieGoGo campaign for Men of the Cloth, a documentary about Italian tailoring. The campaign features some really cool tailoring-related thank you gifts, and it looks like it’ll be a beautiful flick. The director’s trying to raise $20,000 to finish editing it in time for film festival submissions.

I genuinely believe in people-funded media. I love that it’s focused on what people want to see, read or watch, and not on what advertisers want. I feel lucky that we live in a world where there are efficient ways to make it happen. Thanks everyone!