Warm Up With Our Winter Sale!

February 19, 2024

Hey! It’s your good friends at Put This On. By now you’ve probably packed up your holiday lights and put away the Valentine’s Day Owl (we all put those up, right?). We know what you’re thinking – “Wow, my house is looking kind of drab. This place needs a serious zhuzh!”

You. Are. In. Luck.

We’re holding an incredible seasonal sale this week on all our Put This On Shop items! 35% off everything except fine jewelry. Just type WINTERSALE into your cart at checkout and watch the savings roll in!

And what the heck, let’s take a little off that fine jewelry, too. Why not? Just use code WINTERJEWELS for a 15% discount on those shiny bits.

Hurry before our shopkeeper Brynna makes off with all the best stuff!


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