Modern-day concerns

July 5, 2016

Modern-day Concerns

What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps one in a continual state of inelegance. Jane Austen in a letter…

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Madras Shirts for Summer

June 20, 2012

Madras Shirts For Summer

I love madras – the colorful, airy fabric named after the Indian city from which it originally came. The stuff…

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You know what makes summer truly great? Linen shirts.

April 13, 2011

You Know What Makes Summer Truly Great? Linen Shirts.

I talked yesterday about some lesser known summer fabrics, but let’s get back to basics for a moment. You know…

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Summer is approaching

April 12, 2011

Summer Is Approaching

Summer is approaching, and if you’ve been paying attention to menswear for more than a year, you know every menswear…

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