Real People: Texture Over Pattern

July 9, 2013

Real People: Texture over Pattern

Bold graphic pattern is an easy way to make men’s clothing interesting, since, as a whole, the cut of what we wear is circumscribed within a pretty tight space by traditions and what’s socially acceptable (otherwise we’d all be draped in sumptuous velvet). However, complementary tones and texturally complex fabrics can be quietly interesting without the brashness of wild patterns.

Nam in Jersey City consistently wears simple, clean-lined shapes in cool tones of blue, gray, and stone, and differentiates them with chambray, linen, flecked wool, and open-weave cotton knits. (The cardigan he’s wearing in the upper right photo is especially awesome; beware the air tie, though–an advanced maneuver for sure.) I like the way he wears a consistent pant length either by hemming or rolling to ankle length. It’s flattering and has the added benefit of showing off some suede shoes and matte white sneakers.