Our Beloved Sponsors

May 1, 2014

Our Beloved Sponsors

We’d like to quickly thank our four sponsors this month for their support, and share some news about what’s going on with them.

Our first sponsor, Ledbury, is having a big sale right now. Shirts, sport coats, sweaters, and ties have already been marked down in their sale section, but until Sunday, you can take an additional 20% off at check out. That puts their shirts at about $60-70, starting. I’ve pulled two casual designs above, but in the sale section, you can also find lots of “office basics” (solid whites and light blues, as well as simple stripes). All of these will be made with Ledbury’s signature details, such as a robust collar that won’t collapse underneath your sport coat and a slightly lowered second button, so you can wear these shirts casually without a necktie.

Our second sponsor, The Hanger Project, continues to get new umbrellas in from Mario Talarico and Maglia Francesco. Mario Talarico is a small umbrella workshop located in the southern part of Italy. It’s run by just two men (an uncle and his nephew) and together they hand make about four umbrellas per day. Maglia Francesco is a slightly bigger operation located in Milan, although the quality and construction of their umbrellas is the same. They produce for some of the world’s biggest luxury labels, who in turn sell these same umbrellas (but just rebranded with their logo) for about two or three times the price. 

Next, our sponsor Gustin just launched a line of chinos. These are made from a cotton twill fabric woven in North Carolina, which Gustin has since pre-washed in order to reduce shrinkage. The waistband is fully curtained with an indigo chambray, the fly and seat seams are finished with indigo chambray binding, and the buttons are all made from Corozo (which retains a vibrant color and doesn’t scratch easily). Like with everything Gustin does, these are manufactured in San Francisco, but are made available at a relatively affordable price because Gustin crowdsources their production. 

Lastly, our thanks goes out to Proper Cloth for their support. They just rolled out a new series of spring/ summer fabrics, which includes some very breathable linens and colorful madras. There are also some new denims and heavy oxfords, for those who want something for year-round use.

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