Our Beloved Sponsors

July 19, 2016

Our Beloved Sponsors

We write our site out of a love for men’s style, but it’s nice when companies come and support what we do. So, twice a month, we like to give them a special shoutout.

It’s that time of year again and starting on July 21st, Ledbury will be offering some of their shirts, trousers, and sport coats at 50% off. They also have a few new items in, including a tan safari shirt designed to be worn with jeans or chinos, as well as some popovers and seersucker shirts. The half-placket design on the popover is a dressier alternative to long-sleeve polos. It can be worn untucked on its own, or tucked-in with a sport coat. 

Over at The Hanger Project, you’ll find a bunch of newly marked-down items in their Summer Closeout sale. Included are a bunch of things from A Suitable Wardrobe’s archival catalog – such as Drake’s ties and scarves, John Liang sweaters, Anthony Cleverley shoes, Bresciani socks, and a lot more (all at 50% off). The Hanger Project is giving our readers first-crack at the sale before they announce it tomorrow. 

Chipp isn’t having a sale, but they already offer some of the lowest prices around for men’s accessories. Their ties are made in the USA from the same English and Italian silks found at top-tier shops, but sold for a fraction of the price. Their grenadines, for example, go for $55 and are available in over a dozen different colors. 

If you’re looking for some simple sneakers, Gustin has a bunch of projects up right now for minimalist designs in a variety of leather. Made in Italy with a stitched-on sole, the sleek design is easy to wear with tailored chinos and a cardigan, or with the kind of rugged jeans and shirts Gustin specializes in making. Prices are about 40% of what you’d pay at fashion boutiques nowadays for similar items. 

Finally, our thanks to Proper Cloth and Private White VC. Proper Cloth just put up some new 120s thread-count Italian fabrics in their “$120 custom shirts” category (including some premium prints from Albini). They’re also hiring, if you’re interested menswear job in NYC. Private White VC, meanwhile, is continuing their end of season sale. Select items from them and their third-party partners are now available at 40% off. 

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