Our Beloved Sponsors

June 18, 2013

Our Beloved Sponsors

We write our site out of a love for men’s clothing and style, but it’s nice when companies come and support what we do. So, we’d like to take a moment to thank our three sponsors this month.

Our first sponsor, The Hanger Project, sells luxury hangers. Their hangers have wide, curved shoulders and come in four different sizes. This allows them to best support the shape and structure of any suit jacket or sport coat. They also make them in three different finishes, including the new dark brown, satin “Alfred Finish" pictured above. And though their speciality is in hangers, they offer a wide range of other things, such as shoe care supplieslaundry care items, and personal care products. Kirby, the founder of the company, also has a full shoe care guide posted on his website, which covers almost everything you’d ever need to know about the topic.

Our second sponsor is Frank Clegg Leatherworks, a high-end leather goods company based in Fall Rivers, Massachusetts. They sell everything from briefcases to messenger bags to wallets, as well as a wide range of items for women. Everything is made in their Fall Rivers workshop and constructed from some of the best materials around. They have a belting leather, for example, that’s a kind of vegetable tanned leather treated with extra fat liquors during the conditioning process. This gives the material a bit more richness. They also only use solid brass hardware, which ensures nothing will break, and Swiss RiRi zippers, which are considerably higher quality than what most manufacturers use. You can see President Obama with one of their briefcases above.

Finally, our last sponsor is Compass Rose Design, a company that makes men and women’s accessories out of genuine vintage and antique items. That means creating things such as tie bars out of antique trolley tokens and cufflinks out of old railroad date nails. For women, they have things such as bracelets and hairpins, as well as jewelry made out of Victorian buttons. Everything is handmade by the company’s owners out of their studio in San Francisco, and for this week only, they’re offering 15% off with the checkout code VINTAGE.

So thanks to all three companies for their support. We genuinely appreciate it.

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