Our Beloved Sponsors

April 2, 2014

Our Beloved Sponsors

Twice a month, we like to give a special “thank you” to our sponsors. This month, they include Ledbury, The Hanger Project, Gustin, and Proper Cloth.

Ledbury has been busy rolling out five new shirts every week as part of their “short run shirt” program. That’s where they do small batch, limited edition designs that are up on their site for just four weeks. This allows them to play around a bit more with colors and patterns, while still sticking to their signature cuts. Check out two of the latest designs above, for example. One is a white shirt with a thin blue windowpane, and unique, multi-colored flecks woven throughout. The second is a blue linen shirt with fuchsia and white plaid. Both are bold looks in breathable, open-weave materials that will wear cool in the summer months.

The Hanger Project has also been busy. They just added some shoe trees to their large collection of shoe care accessories. That collection also includes Saphir shoe polishes and conditioners; La Cordonnerie Anglaise leather mats for you to place your shoes on while you polish them; and Tarrago suede weatherproofing sprays for the rainy season. International readers may also be happy to learn that The Hanger Project has introduced a “duty pre-paid” service for shipments to Canada, Australia, and the EU. That means that duties are paid at checkout and will be guaranteed by The Hanger Project, thus allowing shipments to deliver direct to the customer’s door.

Gustin has been rolling out some new things in addition to their main line of selvedge denim jeans. Included are a bunch of button down shirts – two in your standard blue and white oxford cloths, and two others in Japanese cotton plaids. Like with their jeans, these are made through an online crowdsourcing program. That means that people can purchase things as part of a group order, and receive lower prices since Gustin doesn’t have to pay for distribution mark ups or account for overstock inventory. On the downside, spaces for each campaign is limited, so once they’re filled up, the batch goes into production and what’s gone is gone.

Finally, we have Proper Cloth to thank. They’re an online made-to-measure shirt company that allows customers to get a bit more customization in their shirts’ cut and detailing. They recently just received a bunch of new fabrics in bold ginghams and office appropriate checks and stripes.

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