Our Beloved Sponsors

August 18, 2014

Our Beloved Sponsors

Twice a month, we like to thank those companies that make our blog possible. We have five sponsors to thank this month, one of which is an old, returning supporter of ours – Ledbury.

First, however, we want to thank The Hanger Project for their support. They’ve been busy building out the shoe care end of their business. Not only do they have a wide range of products – from specialized conditioners and cleaners to leather shoe shine mats – but they also have a full shoe care guide for any maintenance technique you can think of. In addition, they hold shoe shine contests at their StyleForum affiliate page every other Sunday. Participants stand a chance at winning a prize, while everyone else can just take inspiration. 

Our next sponsor Gustin has some new projects on deck. There’s a pair of khaki colored jeans, which can be used as a slightly more rugged version of your standard chinos, as well as a few plaid flannel shirts that can be worn underneath waxed cotton coats and chunky knit sweaters. Gustin also just completed a lookbook, with their model showing off some of the projects they’ve put together recently. In the above, there are some Gustin jeans, dotted indigo shirts, chambray shirts, Army green chore coats, and waxed cotton duffle bags – all of which Gustin produced through their crowdsourcing model.

Next, Chipp Neckwear just got in their Matka cloth ties, which are slubby silk ties that are similar to raw silk. Unfortunately, professional photos are still being taken, so I shot some of my shantung ties for comparison. Chipp’s ties will be like those, but made in NYC and ever-so-slightly more textured in their weave. The good news? They’re offering them to our readers at a discounted price of $35. Ties are available in traditonal four-in-hand and bow tie styles, with eight available colors in each (you can see the colors in the swatches above). To order, you’ll have to call Paul at (212) 687-0850 or email him here. Once they hit the site at the end of this week, the price will jump up to $42.50.

Finally, we want to thank Proper Cloth and Ledbury. Proper Cloth is an online made-to-measure shirt company that allows you to design your own shirts. Ledbury does ready-to-wear shirts, in both standard, “ready-for-the-office” designs and things that are a bit more creative (there are some shirts on there right now with bright birds and boats). 

If you want to advertise on Put This On, just email us at contact@putthison.com.

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