Our Beloved Sponsors

September 16, 2015

Our Beloved Sponsors

Twice a month, we like to give our sponsors a special shoutout. It allows us to thank them for their support and say a little about what’s been going with them. 

Our first sponsor this month, Ledbury, is starting to release their new autumn collection. Included are a bunch of Italian-woven brushed twills, washed oxfords, and textured cotton melanges – all of which are designed to keep you a bit warmer once temperatures drop. Models such as The Doran Plaid and Atwood Flannel Check can be worn with tweed and corduroy sport coats for the weekends, as well as casual business environments. 

Next, The Hanger Project just got a re-stock on their popular 38″ garment bags. They’re built a little bigger, so that you can either fit one of their speciality suit hangers or three regular wooden hangers. They also just launched HangerProject.ca, which offers domestic shipping rates to Canadian residents. 

Along with silk grenadines and chalky ancient madders, Chipp Neckwear also carries a selection of novelty ties. Cleverly designed pictograms translate to phrases such as “a lot of balls” and “Santa with a heart on” (ahem). The difference between sophisticated humor and bad taste, Paul tells us, is always “who and where.” “A chairman once gifted my ties to his board members, and that was considered good humor, but when the same ties are found at Nordstrom, they’re considered bad taste.” 

Gustin has some projects this week for cool-weather outerwear. Included are some waxed cotton truckers and heavy canvas chore coats. They also have a CPO shirt jacket closing soon. The wool overshirt is modeled after vintage US naval shirt jackets traditionally found in a chief petty officer’s (CPO) seabag. It’s designed to be worn on it’s own with denim, or layered under a heavy coat. 

Finally, our thanks to Proper Cloth and Private White VC. Proper Cloth has some new Italian flannels designed to be worn under corduroys and tweeds, as well as modern repros of faded indigo, block-printed Japanese Katazome shirtings. Private White VC, meanwhile, just released some collaborations fellow UK makers, such as Tricker’s (for boots), Inis Meain (for knitwear), and Bennett Winch (for bags). They also have some new pocket squares with prints from vintage issues of the British comic book series Victor

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