Our Beloved Sponsors

April 27, 2017

Our Beloved Sponsors

Put This On is made possible thanks to our sponsors. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them, so twice a month, we like to give them a special shoutout. It allows us to thank them for their support, as well as tell our readers what’s going on when them. 

The Hanger Project just some new garment brushes, which have been two years in the making. They’re produced in Italy, at a expert brush manufacturing company located just outside of Venice. There are three models here: one brush with pig bristles that have been specially chosen to take the dirt and dust out of wool, linen, and cotton suitings; then a softer brush to treat more delicate cashmere fibers; and finally, a double sided brush with both. Garment brushes, of course, help keep your suits and sport coats fresh and clean in-between dry cleanings, without leaving behind the sticky residue of lint rollers. 

Over at Proper Cloth, you can find a new selection of Thomas Mason’s Goldline fabrics. As some readers know, Thomas Mason is a high-end branded fabric line owned by Albini, one of the most respecting shirting mills in Italy. The Goldline collection is made from extra-long staple cotton fibers harvested from the Egyptian Nile Delta. Since the fibers are longer, they result in a stronger, finer yarn, and thus a silkier, more wrinkle resistant, and durable shirt. Proper Cloth has them in your basic, solid whites and light blues, as well as conservative checks and stripes for both weekend and casual office use. 

Readers probably know about Chipp’s neckties. They’re made in NYC from the same English and Italian silks used at top end shops, but cost a fraction of the price. What some may not know, however, is that Chipp also has a program for fully custom-made suspenders. Paul, the shop’s founder, says: “Who else offers twenty-four different colors and stripes for suspenders, and allows people to order with their choice of leather kips and metal adjusters?” No one that we know of. Each pair of suspenders is made in NYC and available for sale at $45.50. 

Indigo & Cotton has some new t-shirts this season from Velva Sheen, a popular label among workwear and classic men’s style enthusiasts for vintage styled tees. These are tubular knit, which means they don’t have any side seams. It’s a slower way of knitting t-shirts, but one that results in less wastage at the factory and a more comfortable fit for consumers. Indigo & Cotton has them in a range of colors, including an exclusive green model made just for them. Also, for deal hunters, the store is offering 25% off anything in their sale section with the checkout code APRIL25. 

Speaking of sales, Dapper Classics is doing a 20% off promo right now on their Derby socks (use the code RACE17). The sale ends tomorrow, which means this is your last chance to to get derby socks in time for the big race next weekend. They also have a bunch of new summer trousers. Made by one of the best trouser makers in New York, they’re constructed from fabrics such as hopsack wool, Super 110s tropical wool, and brushed cotton. Dapper Classics even has Fresco trousers – an open weave wool that’s popular with bespoke tailoring clients because of its breathability and wrinkle resistance. 

Finally, our thanks to Wolf vs. Goat. They have some new bamboo and Sorona blend t-shirts right now. Not only are the fibers environmentally friendly, but they’re also exceptionally soft. Something like your old, favorite t-shirt that has been worn silky with use. Wolf vs. Goat is giving our readers an exclusive discount on them. Take 20% off with the checkout code PTO. 

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