Our Beloved Sponsors

October 1, 2012

Our Beloved Sponsors

Our sincere thanks go out to our beloved sponsors. They’re the ones who help make it possible for us to bring you blog content each and every day.

We have two sponsors this month. The first is new to our site: Cottonwork, an online maker of custom shirts. They have a pretty neat solution to one of the bigger problems of having people design shirts online. Instead of letting people just select options and having them be surprised when the shirt is delivered, Cottonwork has an online program that allows you to see how your shirt might look as you build it out. No more wondering if a classic or cutaway collar might look better with the fabric you’ve chosen. They also have a free starter kit you can order. It includes a measuring tape, a discount code, and some sample fabrics.

Our second sponsor is Ledbury, who also sells shirts as part of their “core” and “limited edition” lines. They have a fall collection coming out this month and it will encompass a range of casual to formal options. These will include denim, flannels, brushed oxford cottons, fine 120s, and much more. In addition, they continue to have tuxedo shirts and French cuff styles available to those who need to go to a fancy function soon. 

So, thanks to both companies for their support! We appreciate it. 

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