Our Beloved Sponsors

December 1, 2014

Our Beloved Sponsors

Many thanks to our sponsors this month for their support! Each of them has something new going on. 

Our first sponsor The Hanger Project has a big Cyber Monday sale going on. Take 10% off storewide on purchases over $250, and 15% off orders over $1,000. There are also some “doorbuster discounts,” such as 50% off cobalt blue suit hangers, 30% off shoeshine brushes, and up to 30% off select knitwear. The hanger and brushes pictured above, for example, are about $12-15 each. 

Gustin isn’t holding a sale, but they essentially offer wholesale pricing year-round through their online crowdsoucing program. Just introduced to their store is a range of casual sports. Made from canvas and wool, and styled a bit more casually than your more traditional tailored jackets, these are the kinds of sport coats that one would wear with … well, jeans. Like the $81 raw denim ones Gustin has built their business around. 

Next, Proper Cloth just introduced another new collection. Although they’re an online made-to-measure company specializing in custom shirts, they have a range of pre-designed models that customers can choose from. They’ll still be custom fitted to your measurements, but the pre-made design lets you easily see how the final product will look. This helps close the gap between ready-to-wear and made-to-measure.

Finally, Ledbury is doing a huge storewide sale today. Take 25% off everything in their store, including shirts, sweaters, sport coats, and accessories. And speaking of accessories, Chipp Neckwear just introduced a new grenadine tie color – light blue, which like all their grenadines, are handmade in New York City, but priced lower than any other grenadine tie seller round. They also have some fun Christmas ties, which incorporate amusing, hidden messages into their designs. 

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