Our Beloved Sponsors

May 16, 2014

Our Beloved Sponsors

Many thanks to our four sponsors this month, each of which has some big things going on.

Ledbury just started The Launch Fund, which is designed to give $25,000 to help an entrepreneur start a consumer goods company. As some readers know, Ledbury founders Paul Trible and Paul Watson were able to start their company at the height of the recession because their friends and family invested. Four and a half years later, their company is established and growing, and they’re looking to pay it forward. Of the applicant pool, three finalists will be chosen by Ledbury’s selection committee, and from June 16th to the 23rd, the public will vote and choose a winner. That winner, in turn, will receive $25,000 and a year’s worth of mentorship from the two Pauls. 

Next, The Hanger Project continues to get new arrivals in. This week, they’ve added some new patterned dress socks from Palatino, a high-end Italian hosiery maker that supplies socks to luxury labels such as Tom Ford, Berluti, Paul Stuart, and Drake’s of London. They’ve also expanded their selection of umbrellas from Fox Umbrellas and Maglia Francesco. There’s now a wider array of traditional black canopy umbrellas, as well as some with tasteful patterns (including tartans). Finally, they’ve added some new pocket squares from Simonnot Godard, a distinguished French company that has been weaving fine cottons and linens since 1787.

Gustin also has some new projects going on, such as a unique blue and black denim from Cone Mills, which they’re looking to make into their signature jeans. Here, the denim is woven with blue warp yarns and black weft yarns, which means instead of the blue and white combination you typically see in denim (where the white gives the denim a certain brightness), the black shadow yarns give the jeans a much more saturated appearance. The project is already funded at 95%, however, and once it reaches 100%, they stop taking orders and everything goes into production. 

Finally, our last sponsor Proper Cloth just dropped their second spring collection called “Morningside.” You can check out the lookbook here.   

Many thanks to all four of our sponsors for their support. We genuinely appreciate it.

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