Our Beloved Sponsors

December 22, 2016

Our Beloved Sponsors

It’s thanks to our sponsors that we’re able to write stories like our guide on how to dress for the holidays. So, twice a month, we like to give them a special shoutout. 

Along with their specialized clothing hangers, The Hanger Project has the largest online selection of high-end shoe care products. That includes Saphir shoe polishes, suede cleaning products, and over three dozen kinds of shine brushes (where else can you get a yak-hair finishing brush?). During the winter, shoes often need a bit of special attention given the harsh weather conditions. If you have questions about how to take care of your footwear, check The Hanger Project’s extensive guides

Over the years, Gustin has become known for supplying men with more-affordable versions of modern wardrobe basics, such as raw denim jeans, Japanese chambray shirts, and minimalist Italian sneakers. These are the kind of things that sell for hundreds of dollars on the fashion market, but Gustin is able to offer them at wholesale prices by organizing everything on pre-orders. That cuts down on unsold inventory and middle-man mark-ups – savings that they pass on to you. 

Chipp Neckwear is the online accessories arm of Chipp2/ Winston Tailors, a giant during the heydays of American Ivy Style. They were renowned for inventing patchwork madras and tweed sport coats, as well as dressing President Kennedy. Today, the online operation offers made-in-NYC ties and accessories starting at $42.50 – with materials sourced from the same places as top-end makers. Their ancient madder silks, for example, are from Robert Keyte, the last Macclesfield producer for English madders. 

It’s not every day one that one of our sponsors gets featured in The New York Times. Earlier this month, The Gray Lady interviewed Seph Skerritt, founder of Proper Cloth. The company just opened a 12,000-square-foot showroom in NYC for customers who want a retail experience to their custom shirt orders. They also just dropped their “Gray Collection,” which shows how you can put together a monochromatic outfit using their gray accessories, outerwear, and of course shirts. 

Finally, our thanks go out to Linjer and Indigo & Cotton. Linjer’s newly in-stock minimalist watches have been flying off the shelves, and they’re already running low on certain styles. The founders also recently launched a blog, where they have posts on how to identify quality watches. Indigo & Cotton, meanwhile, is busy keeping up with holiday orders. If you want a sport-coat-like jacket that you can easily wear with jeans, the South Carolina shop has some from companies such as Barena and Engineered Garments. They take inspiration from tailoring, but are meant to be worn like casual outerwear. 

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