Our Beloved Sponsors

May 3, 2016

Our Beloved Sponsors

A big, warm thanks to our sponsors this month. It’s because of their support that we’re able to bring you content every day.

With summer around the corner, our first sponsor Ledbury just released their new catalog. Their summer collection includes bright checks, breathable linens, and lightweight poplin shirts – each designed for beach trips or just keeping cool in the sun. Alex, Ledbury’s
head shirt stylist, also suggests checking out their new polos, which can be used to dress down your sport coats. You can browse their new summer catalog online or have one delivered to your door

Meanwhile, The Hanger Project just received a huge shipment of new items. Their city-themed Christian Kimber pocket squares come in modern, abstract designs and easy-to-wear colors. They also have some ancient madder ties from Robert Keyte, the last Macclesfield producer of such silks, and lots of new umbrellas from Mario Talarico and Francesca Maglia. On the off chance you still haven’t got your mom a Mother’s Day gift, they have you covered

Chipp Neckwear specializes in handmade, affordable neckwear – which they sell at about a third of the price of more expensive competitors. Their grenadines, for example, are made from the same Italian silks used by top-tier producers, but only cost $55. 

Next, Gustin has some Horween leather bags up for pre-orders this week. Made in California and designed for short, weekend trips, they’re made to hold a few sets of clothes. The bags are built from Horween’s Essex leather, which is a full grain cowhide tanned in the same liquor Horween uses for their famous shell cordovan. 

Finally, our thanks to Proper Cloth and Private White VC. Proper Cloth just launched some new business checks and wrinkle-resistant fabrics from Thomas Mason, as well as a new mélange glen plaid from Grandi & Rubinelli. Private White VC, meanwhile, has a new line of raincoats built with Loro Piana’s waterproof Storm System technology. 

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