Our Beloved Sponsors

March 16, 2015

Our Beloved Sponsors

A big, hearty thanks to our sponsors this month. 

Our first sponsor Proper Cloth recently organized a custom denim shirt run. This was their first time running a custom-made, garment washed shirt project, and the response has been tremendous. All two-hundred spots sold out within the first twenty-four hours (most within the first twelve). Given the response, they plan on organizing similar projects in the future. You can sign up on their website to get announcements. 

Next, The Hanger Project just received some new products. First are their Merola gloves, which are entirely hand cut and hand sewn in Naples, Italy. These come either unlined or with just a silk lining, which allows you to achieve a closer fit. They also have a new range of shoe trees – from your basic cedars to fancier looking models made from maplewood. 

Chipp also has some new things in. They just received a few new ancient madder neckties. Made in NYC from 36oz silk, they are made from the same materials that are used by top-end producers (ones that charge three times what Chipp charges). These new madders can be paired with anything from flannel suits to heavy tweeds.

Gustin just updated and improved their popular waxed canvas duffle bag. The new version features better hardware, better construction, and better shoulder pads. They’ve also lowered the price from $149 to $135. With the improved quality and price, the bag is already close to selling out, despite having just been introduced over the weekend. 

Finally, our thanks to End and Twillory. End is putting up new spring products almost every single day. Their latest items include rubberized Mackintosh raincoats and special collaboration boots from Trickers. Twillory, meanwhile, is holding a sale. Take two dress shirts for $99 with the checkout code 2SHIRTS.

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