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March 31, 2020

Put This On wouldn’t the possible without our sponsors, so we like to give them a shoutout once every two weeks. Doing so allows us to show our appreciation for their support, as well as update our readers on our sponsors’ latest happenings.

In these unprecedented times, the most vulnerable among us need help. So today, Proper Cloth is donating $20 for every shirt sale directly to the Food Bank of New York City to help those who lack food security in their community. That means that, for every shirt sold today, Proper Cloth will be able to donate 100 meals to New Yorkers in need.

The company has also launched its spring trouser collection, as well as its line of Thomas Mason non-iron stretch fabrics. Their new trouser collection includes a few wool-silk-linen blend fabrics, which have a bit more texture than pure wool. For that casual at-home fit, consider their cotton-linen and stretch-cotton blends. The chinos can be worn with t-shirts or simple button-down shirts, even if you’re mostly lounging on the couch.



Longtime readers know we love grenadine ties. Grenadine is a type of Italian silk that comes in a variety of weaves, but generally takes on a honeycomb-like texture. In solid colors, such as what you see above, they’re great in that they’ll go with almost anything. When paired against solid-colored suits and sport coats, their texture lends visual interest. At the same time, they’re simple enough to combine with patterned shirts and jackets without having anything clash. If you’re getting your first one, stick to navy or black — those are the most useful colors.

You can get a grenadine from any number of reputable brands, but none will be as affordable as Chipp’s. Chipp is the online accessories arm of Winston Tailor’s, which was founded in the 1940s by a former J. Press employee named Sidney Winston. The original Winston was famous for making patchwork madras and tweed sport coats, as well as dressing luminaries such as President JFK, Andy Warhol, and Joe DiMaggio (Sidney’s son, Paul now run the family company). Chipp’s grenadines are made in New York City using the same Italian silks you’ll find at other top-end shops, except their grenadines only cost $60. They also come in almost every color imaginable. If you need a custom length or width, just email the company. Since they have their own in-house tailors, everything is easily customizable for a small fee.



Dapper Classics is holding a sale this week. From now until Thursday, you can knock 20% off any order with the checkout code SAVE20. And when we say everything, that means everything. The company’s finely knitted socks start at about $18, while the trousers are as low as $92. You can also apply the discount to their already-discounted leather satchels, which are made in Italy from Italian leathers. With the checkout code, their black leather briefcases are just a little north of $100. It’s hard to find canvas briefcases nowadays at that price.



Slim Aarons was a legendary American photographer, best known, in his own words, for capturing “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.” Never using a stylist or makeup artist, Aarons preferred instead to photograph his subjects in their natural states and habitats. His most iconic images depict actors and scions, heiresses and minor royals, literati, and sportsmen at home and at play in places such as Palm Beach, St. Moritz, Cannes, and Capri. His poolside scenes are among his most famous work, but his work took him to polo grounds and croquet courts; ski slopes and yachts; inside castles, cabanas, and grand hotels. But what’s most arresting about Aarons’ work is not his access to these rarified realms or the sense of privileged leisure he documents (and at which some, in 2020, might bristle). It’s the idealized, self-acknowledged fantasy of it all: Slim was, as one critic wrote, an “insider among insiders.” His work makes the world look far more beautiful than it ever really was, and far more perfect than it could ever really be, even for his glamorous subjects.

Rowing Blazers is proud to be collaborating with Slim Aarons’ estate on their new capsule collection. They took some of Aarons’m most iconic images and had then printed on tees and hoodies. The collection features five images: photographs of topless bathers in Capri; spectators at Henley Royal Regatta; a St. Tropez beach scene; a polo match by the sea in Spain; and a lakeside summer picnic. With all of the challenges our world faces today, Aarons’ work provides a sense of escape to a colorful fantasy world of beauty and leisure. You can find the new collection at Rowing Blazers’ website. 



Looking to offload the clothes in your closet that you never really wear? LuxeSwap is an online consigner that can turn your clothes into cash. If you ship them your clothes, they’ll do the hard work of photographing your items in their studio, listing your items on eBay, and fulfilling orders. In return, they take a small percentage of the profits.

At the moment, they’ve sweetened the pot by offering free inbound shipping, which means you don’t even have to pay to ship your clothes to them. The offer applies to all packages in the USA (although they’ll do a 50% discount for people outside of the United States). The process is also entirely contact-free. You just put your clothes in a box, print a label at home using an online system (USPS.com, stamps.com, or your own Paypal account). Leave the box with your mail person, and it’ll be off to LuxeSwap. Sometime later, you’ll get a check in the mail.

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