More Hot Bike Commute Tips

August 9, 2016

After our recent post on bike commuting and style, reader Emptym from Styleforum got in touch to make some additional recommendations for bike commuters, points I’m happy to pass along. He’s been riding to work year round for 15 years in cities like Washington, D.C. and Boston.

  • If you’re riding in “nice pants” in questionable weather you can always wear windproof and waterproof pants over them. “I wear cheap, unlined Nike windpants almost all the time; in addition to protecting me from the cold, they protect my pants from splashes, dust, oil.  They’re great over fresco pants in the summer.”
  • I worry about nice shoes with your pedals, both because of slippage and because pedals with clips can potentially scuff uppers. “Rubber pedals (metal w/ rubber tops) allow you to wear leather soled shoes without a problem.”
  • Jackets with armpit zippers are really helpful for ventilation. “They let you arrive virtually sweat-free.” (Note, this theory has not been tested in the deep south in August.)
  • “Ankle boots are necessary in the rain.  You can be waterproofed head to toe, but get your socks soaked from the gap between your pants and shoes. Soaked socks suck.”

Thanks Emptym!

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