More Adidas Sneakers Than A Plumber’s Got Pliers: The History Of Shelltoes

August 24, 2015

More Adidas Sneakers Than a Plumber’s Got Pliers: The History of Shelltoes

Gary Warnett goes historical on one of the first (post-Chuck Taylor) basketball sneakers to transition to streetwear/subcultural status symbol: the Adidas Superstar.

Iconic is thrown around a little too much. You don’t seem to have to put
a lot of work in to be iconic any more. Nowadays your face is iconic
because you #amassed #lots #of #social #media #follows. Even your lunch
could be iconic. But to be a real icon, you need longevity, not some
throwaway, fast-food, buzzword attachment moment in the iPhone
spotlight. The adidas Superstar’s 45 years as a favourite on the courts
and into a whole heap of subcultures during its retirement from the game
make it a strong contender for the finest design of its kind ever. It’s
liable to still be relevant when it turns 100.

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