It’s On Sale: Tricker’s Shoes And Boots At Frans Boone

July 31, 2014

It’s on Sale: Tricker’s Shoes and Boots at Frans Boone

One of my favorite web shops, Frans Boone, has discounted its line of Tricker’s makeups by 50 percent with the code SUMMER50, putting many shoes and boots in the $250-$300 range (cordovan $450-$500), including shipping to the United States. Tricker’s are sturdy British shoes and the models Frans Boone carries take full advantage of that, with uppers in scotch grain like the brogues pictured above, or “repello” suede, a treated, water resistant suede, as well as Dainite or Vibram rubber soles–perfect for the upcoming fall weather in the United States.

Two things to note: sizes are quite limited (one or two per model), and orders to the United States may incur brokerage fees from UPS (i.e., you may owe the UPS driver a small check when he shows up to deliver your shoes).