It’s On Sale: OCBDs At J. Press

April 21, 2015

It’s on Sale: OCBDs at J. Press

J. Press is offering 25% off dress shirts through April 26, online only. J. Press was a contender (although not the champ) in Put This On’s OCBD series. Their shirts may not be the most refined dress shirts out there, but that’s not really the point with OCBDs, which are often the workhorse, toss-em-in-the-dryer-and-let-god-sort-em-out shirts of a basic work wardrobe. I like Press for the fabric, collar, history, and for the pocket flap, a style touch not seen on most OCBDs. The sale does not bring the shirts down to $6.50, but to $82.50—lower than the widely available Brooks Brothers OCBD.

Press ties are on sale as well, and their neckwear is in my opinion a decent value, especially if you need some classic repp stripes or basic prints.