It’s On Sale: Caruso Tailoring At Vente Privee

May 12, 2014

It’s On Sale: Caruso Tailoring at Vente Privee

One of the better large-scale suit makers in Italy, Caruso, has a number of self label suits and sportcoats on flash sale site Vente Privee today. Caruso mixes old-school handwork and modern manufacturing techniques–it’s not immediately clear what level of make the VP suits are, but the prices are pretty good; better than Yoox’s prices for similar pieces, and with more selection. Note that a bunch of the jackets are styled on VP buttoned to the top button, and I bet they’re really three-roll-two jackets. Caruso is also known for being one of Ralph Lauren’s suit manufacturers, including for Purple Label tailoring. Check out Jeffery Diduch’s deconstruction of a made-to-measure RLPL suit from Caruso’s factory. The image above is from Trunk Clothiers, who also sell some handsome Caruso-made suits, at about 900GBP. As always, if you need to sign up for Vente Privee, please use our link.