Harrington Jackets For Spring

April 24, 2013

Harrington Jackets for Spring

As I’m traveling across the West, I’ve left one jacket unpacked for my trip: a Baracuta G9 in cream. I bought it last year in mid fall and didn’t get a chance to wear it much. But now that winter’s left and spring is bringing warmer weather with cool breezes, it’s a good time to give it its due.

The Harrington-style jacket is light enough to not overheat you, but blocks the wind considerably well. The best ones have a two-way zipper that lets you open up the bottom while sitting down.

Grenfell and Baracuta are considered to have made the original ones. My Baracuta is nice, an original G9 model, but it could use some improvements. For one, I wish it had more interior pockets and perhaps one with a zipper closure to keep a cellphone or card wallet.

Still, the jacket is quickly becoming my casual go-to choice with a pair of jeans and an oxford-cloth button-down shirt. Of course, my choice isn’t as cool as Elvis’ look, with a roll-neck sweater. The one thing The King’s jacket has that yours likely will not? Buttoned cuffs.