Possessions Mean Very Little To Me

April 18, 2013

Finding clothes that actually fit me well has lead to a lot of confidence and happiness. Possessions mean very little to me. Image means very little to me. I don’t think clothes make the man. I do think I’m a person who historically has bouts of low self-confidence, and finding a clothing line that fits me right and putting some care into choosing clothes I feel confident in does help take away some anxieties I usually have when walking out the door.

Chris Gethard

My friend Chris Gethard hosts an amazing public access show called The Chris Gethard Show. He’s also a gifted improviser based at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York and wrote a wonderful memoir about his struggles (and triumphs) with bipolar. It’s impossible to describe what he does on his show – it involves taking telephone calls and a man in a fish suit called The Human Fish – but it’s all about affirming difference and comforting people who feel left out of the social order. He’s a class act, and I was inspired by what he wrote about dressing well.

Besides all that, he made what I think is one of the best internet videos I’ve ever seen, in which he meets up with a guy who’s left semi-anonymous hate comments on his IMDB page. Chris just signed a script deal with IFC – here’s hoping it becomes a series.

(Thanks, Chris T.)

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