Down With BGP (British Government Property)?

May 4, 2015

Down with BGP (British Government Property)?

Since Derek wrote awhile back about the broad arrow and its connection to British military (and prison) goods, I’ve been generally on the lookout for interesting items, vintage and otherwise, bearing the design. The latest: this Mark McNairy print buttondown collar shirt. Guessing McNairy’s going for the milsurp rather than Australian prisoner connotation.

The broad arrow has been used to mark militaria as belonging to the British Commonwealth since the 16th century. McNairy and other designers borrowing the broad arrow better watch out; they may be in violation of the Public Stores Act of 1875, which says the broad arrow marks Her Majesty’s property and it’s illegal to apply such marks without authority. Caveat: I am not wearing a wig/am not a British lawyer.