$165 Suit Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This. Good Work, Aliotsy!

August 19, 2012

$165 suit doesn’t get much better than this. Good work, Aliotsy!


Trust me to ruin the most amazing and otherworldy lighting I’ve ever seen in my backyard with a robot pose and a funny expression.*

Suit is a Lands’ End Tailored Fit Cotton-Linen Blend (jacket, trousers). I’ve kinda waffled on keeping it—it’s got an excellent open weave and perfect off-the-rack shoulder fit and jacket length, but the armholes seem rather low.

A string of 100+° F days convinced me that it’s a handy thing to have around for Sundays when I wear suits. And it’s hard to argue with the price ($165 shipped, with promo code DEVOTION, PIN 5580). So I’m keeping it.

* No Photoshop here, other than a bit of curve adjustment around my torso to bring out the jacket’s details.

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