Why Join The Put This On Inside Track?

June 17, 2013

Why Join the Put This On Inside Track?

Every week, we post free eBay roundups on Put This On. Tons of folks tell us they’ve saved them money and time. People love them. We do, too.

The Put This On Inside Track is a members-only service we provide here at PTO for a buck a week. It features not only a big old eBay roundup that’s exclusive to members, but also a roundup of all the great sales in mensweardom. At peak sales times, that’s literally dozens of great sales.

Why subscribe? The service pays for itself, fast.


Start with the sales. Take one shopping trip to, say Sierra Trading Post with one of our coupon codes, and you could save fifty or a hundred bucks. Easy.

And the eBay roundups? We’ve got 270,000 Tumblr followers and well over half a million monthly visitors to our website. So if you’re relying on our free roundups, you’ve got a few hundred thousand competitors for the great items we pick. If you’re in Inside Track subscriber, cut that number by 99.9%. And as with the sales – buy one thing in a year, and you can easily save more than you spend on membership.

And don’t forget: your membership also supports all the great editorial content you love here at Put This On. You even get ten percent off our pocket squares.

Joining is easy. Just click here now and start saving.