White Tee Clearance

July 19, 2010

So we have a few white tees left over from our big Alternative Apparel white tee sale-a-bration a couple months ago.  People have been emailing asking when we’re planning another, and at the moment, we’re not planning another, but this is your chance to get in on the last of what we have left.  Nine bucks each, shipped, in the US.  Email your request to christian@maximumfun.org, and he’ll bill you via PayPal.  Specify your size, number, style and address, and we’ll bill you if we still have any.  Nine bucks!  Including shipping!  Whatta deal!  Buy ‘em all! 

All that’s left now: 2 Crew-Neck XXLs

(note: this is less than half of retail, PLUS free shipping)