Today, Our Final First-round Matchup

August 8, 2011

Today, our final first-round matchup

When I went off and had my first child, the voting was hot and heavy in our #PTOCities bracket. We’re working to pick three cities in which to shoot Put This On’s second season… the three greatest menswear cities in the world. Manufacturers, events, men on the street, designers: they all count in this bracket.

We had our first upset this week, with the Italian metropolis of Rome (5) narrowly defeating fourth-seeded Barcelona. It was wins for Italy all-round, in fact, as Milan squarely beat the more modern Berlin, while Naples snuck past Budapest. Perhaps the world’s most elegant city, Vienna, snuck into the second round with a close victory over Prague in a war of old-school charms.

Today, our final first-round matchup: the Pacific quadrant, featuring the West of the Americas and the East of Asia. Top-ranked Tokyo, known for its clash of lockstep and profoundly eccentric styles takes on sleeper Cochabamba. The vintage-y outdoorsy style of Portland takes on the relaxed beach bum looks and huge apparel industry of Los Angeles, denim capital of the world. The Pacific Coast aesthetic of Vancouver takes on Hong Kong, perhaps the world’s most tailor-dense city. The Pacific coast’s most cosmopolitan city takes on Melbourne, representing for Australia the islands of the Pacific.

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