What Do You Do In Your Live Shows? I Saw You Mention That In A Post About Suits.

June 17, 2011

I do a few types of live shows. Sometimes I do The Sound of Young America, my public radio show. That’s usually some comedy performances, a music performance, and a couple of interviews conducted by yours truly. I host. Here’s one from a month or so ago we recorded in Chicago with Peter Sagal, the wrestler-comedian Colt Cabana and music from Robbie Fulks.

Sometimes I do Jordan Jesse Go!, my comedy talk show, live. My co-host Jordan and I do stupid comedy bits and talk nonsense. We swear a lot and come up with dumb contests. Here’s one we did this past weekend with the comedians Matt Besser, Greg Behrendt and Josie Long.

I also sometimes lecture – I have a talk I’ve been giving lately called “Make Your Thing” about making independent media and art in the internet age. If anyone wants to book me to do that talk, you can email my colleague Theresa at theresa@maximumfun.org.

I wear a suit for The Sound of Young America, and usually when I lecture as well. I usually wear something a little funkier for JJGo, but not so funky that it doesn’t contrast with Jordan’s mode of dress, which is largely determined by what clothes he’s gotten for free from movie and skateboard companies that month.