We Got It For Free: Kent Wang Bounty

August 20, 2010

We Got It For Free: Kent Wang Bounty

I’ve often recommended Kent Wang’s superb accessories here on Put This On.  The reason I like them is that in creating his line, Kent focused on quality basics at a reasonable price.  Because of the seasonal nature of the clothing industry, it’s often surprisingly difficult to find the perennials you need to be the cornerstones of your wardrobe.  When you can find them, they’re often crazy expensive.  Kent identified the pieces most useful to a man, and figured out how to make them to the highest standards without charging an arm and a leg.  Kent picked up on what big fans we are, and sent along a little selection of some of his best-selling products. 

Grenadine ties have often been a subject of discussion here at Put This On.  They’re solid in color, which means they’re easy to wear, even with relatively busy jackets and shirts, and their texture makes them visually interesting.  In colors like black, navy and wine, they’re just about the most versatile ties you can buy.  If you can find them, that is.  Kent offers them in two widths – 3" and 3.5", and in a variety of colors for $75.  The quality is up there with ties that cost hundreds of dollars more.  If you’re going to invest in a tie, this is a great one to do so in.  I’ve already worn the navy grenadine Kent sent us twice.

Kent got started making pocket squares.  It’s tough to find affordable squares with quality fabrics and hand-rolled edges.  Hand rolling the edge of a square gives it a luxurious look that can’t be replicated by machine, but it’s usually only done by high-end makers.  Kent sells squares like the white-on-white one he sent us for just $20, which is a remarkable deal.  He also sells a variety of other plain linen squares for a similar price.  If you’re just starting a pocket square collection, his plain white square, along with perhaps white edged with blue, will do you for years.  Kent also sent us one of these navy pindot silk squares, which is a crazy value at $25.

Kent also makes affordable cuff links.  Many of them are made from vintage glass buttons, like these beautiful crimson ones.  He started by selling the most basic links you can buy: double-sided mother of pearl.  Adam took home a pair of these great smoke mother of pearl links, and he couldn’t be happier.  He’s vowed to wear double-cuff shirts with his suits in the future so he can wear them more.  The links are more of the same from Kent: the most tasteful, beautiful basics at an amazing price: twenty five bucks.

Anyway, thanks to Kent for sending along this great stuff.  Recommended! 

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