Tom Scharpling And Bethlehem Shoals

August 18, 2011

Two of the smartest, funniest guys I know are Tom Scharpling (host of The Best Show on WFMU) and Bethlehem Shoals, of the brilliant (and dearly departed) basketball writing collective Free Darko. Along with some other web heavyweights, they’ve put together a plan for an “Awl-like” sports website. Sports + smart + funny + indie. They’re Kickstartering for $50,000 to run the site for a year, which is a pittance for a huge group of super-pros to undertake such an ambitious project. I’m a huge supporter of media consumers paying directly for the media they want to consume – I know first- and second-hand how much building something for advertisers can influence content for the worse. You can support this thing, which is called The Classical, here.