Three Solid Sales This Fourth Of July

July 3, 2018

Gentlemen’s Footwear is having their five-year anniversary sale, where you can take 20% off anything, including already marked down items, with the checkout code 5year20.

The shop carries a bit of tailored clothing, such as Orazio Luciano suits and Drake’s ties, but as their name suggests, they mostly specialize in classic footwear. There are some great brands here, such as Carmina, Edward Green, and Alden. As well as more affordable options from Herring and Bow Tie.

Some favorites here include: Alden penny loafers in shell cordovan and unlined suede, Alden Indy bootsCarmina tan calf Chelsea boots, Carmina black cap toe oxfords, and Zonkey two-eyelet chukkas. And if you’re up for a splurge, they also have two of my favorite shoes of all time — Edward Green’s Dover and Piccadilly penny loafer. In dark oak leather, they go with almost any sport coat or casual suit ensemble, which is what I mostly wear these days when it comes to tailoring.



Michael Spencer is a small, specialty shirt company focused on classic American styles. They offer made-to-order shirts in four cuts — extra slim, slim, classic, and vintage. They’re fairly similar to Brooks Brothers’ gradations along the same lines (Michael Spencer’s extra slim would be like Brooks’ Milano, for example). Pictured above is one of their customers wearing one of their oxford button-downs (great roll).

I mostly like them because all the shirts are made in the USA, are available in great materials (think of the stuff you normally find in classic trad shops), and come in different options that allow you to design your perfect shirt. To me, the ideal button down is one that’s made with a placket, chest pocket, and an unlined collar — the last being crucial to getting that soft collar roll. Brooks Brothers took out the lining in their button-down collars a few years ago, to much celebration, but they also removed the chest pocket, bringing the shirt back to its pre-1960s roots. I prefer the button-down look that was popular from the 1960s to ’90s (very particular, I know). And Michael Spencer allows you to design it.

They’re also having their first-ever sitewide sale, where you can deduct $40 off the purchase price of any shirt. That brings most things to about $100 — not bad for MTO. No discount code needed, although the promotion ends July 16th at midnight EST.

Dapper Classics is one of our favorite sources for tailored trousers. They even came out on top in our affordable flannels shoot-out. The construction here is a lot better than what you’ll get from mall brands such as Banana Republic, but the prices are considerably more affordable than Rota. These are mid rise, come in slim and classic cuts, and are made in NYC by Hertling.

On first blush, these can seem expensive at $200/ pair, but you getting a lot for your money. There’s the made-in-USA construction, for one. Then the materials. For example, they have trousers made from Fresco, an open-weave tropical wool typically only available to clients of custom tailors. Fresco alone, even at wholesale cost, runs about $40/ meter. And it takes about 1.5 meters to make a pair of trousers. Add to that trims, labor, and shipping, and the profit margin here is slimmer than what’s typically packed into other brands.

Dapper Classics is also having a six-year anniversary sale from now until Thursday, where you can take up to 25% off depending on how much you spend (20% off orders over $75 with the code 6A20; 25% off orders over $125 with the code 6A25). That brings the trousers down to about $150/ pair. If you have room in your cart, I also recommend their navy cotton socks. They’re solidly built, but comfortable, and stay up on your leg. Most of all, they have a slightly open weave without being sheer, allowing your feet to breathe better than they would in wool socks. Great for summer.

[Note: Dapper Classics is a Put This On advertiser. Per our editorial policy we do not let our business relationships get in the way of our objectivity]