Steel Lapel Flower

October 24, 2011

Steel Lapel Flower


Interest Check: An artisan in my area makes these metal roses. This one happens to be steel, but he also works with brass and copper. They can also be colored (lacquered?)—I’ve seen them in violet-blue, red, and gold.

The guy usually makes full-size steel roses that he sells for about $70 a pop. He also makes 3” flower pins.

The one I’m wearing measures about 1.25”—I think it’s pretty much an ideal size for a lapel ornament. It’s actually a new size for the guy and a special request from me. The flowers are handmade, so each is unique and no two are alike.

I’m not yet sure exactly how much he’d charge for them, especially since we’d still have to figure out how much it costs to safely ship them. I can say there would be no markup from me as the middle man—I’m just trying to see if there’s any interest in him producing them. Ideally, I’d like to step out of the process entirely. I think you could expect to pay around $20.

Anyone interested?

This is very cool and I, for one, would certainly buy one.