Lands’ End Canvas Leather Lace-up Boots — $89.40 Shipped

December 14, 2010

Lands’ End Canvas Leather Lace-up Boots — $89.40 shipped


Lands’ End Canvas Leather Lace-up Boots — $89.40 shipped after promo code

From: $149.00

When these boots were first released in August, I loved the look but worried about the quality. Googling for more information about Lands’ End footwear didn’t turn up very much, and what I did find tended not to be flattering. Initial reviews in the LEC thread on StyleForum weren’t promising, either.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when Valet endorsed the boots, and most of the reviews posted on the boots have been positive.

Valet’s first point implies that the regular price of $149 is fair for these boots, and you’ll have trouble finding any boot for less.

Today you can.

Promo code DEC13 (PIN: 1118) will knock 40% off the boots, plus free shipping. That’s just $89.40, before tax.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal, since Lands’ End rarely releases a promo code for more than 40% off (I don’t recall one, in any case), and Lands’ End Canvas almost never puts their shoes and boots on sale (perhaps, never).

Promo code expires tonight, so get on it.

An excellent deal for a handsome pair of boots.