This Isn’t Strictly Clothing-related, But It Is Bizarre And Delightful.

February 7, 2011

This isn’t strictly clothing-related, but it is bizarre and delightful.

My mother’s friend Martin is an estate liquidator in San Francisco. He runs estate sales, and sells antiques on the side. A great guy. He also runs a blog about estate sales, collectables and related issues.

Recently, Martin came to represent the 90-year-old owner of the unbelievable chompers above. They were pawned, many years ago, in Australia.

Because they’re so amazing, Martin thinks they must have belonged to someone amazing, and he’s offering a $500 reward to anyone who can positively identify that person. I know Martin, and he’s absolutely serious about the money. He’s also offering a hundred bucks to anyone who makes up the best BS about who owned them.

Detectives: DETECT.

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