The Revolution Isn’t Over.

August 22, 2011


You think The Sartorialist or Tommy Ton are planning to shoot in Kansas City any time soon? How about PhillyWilliamsburg, Virgina?* Bloomington, Indiana?

The revolution isn’t over. We just shifted the battlefield.

We’re not waiting for you to take our picture. We’re doing it ourselves. And remarkably, you’re still paying attention.


* Yeah, yeah, I know CB moved to DC. But it’s not like Scott Schuman is eager to catch the next flight to Dulles, either.

Happy to see this. Personally, I’m tired of “street style” that’s about photographs of fashion industry insiders at runway shows and trade shows. That’s just inside-baseball costume shots, and it’s disingenuous to present it as anything else.

My respect goes to the people who dress well outside the fashion industry, and the photographers who are *actually* on the street, looking for real people who really dress well, not just whoever’s taking a smoke break from the Cucinelli show.