The Put This On Club Tie Returns!

April 26, 2011

The Put This On Club Tie Returns!

Our initial run of Put This On club ties sold out in less than 24 hours, but now we’ve got more on hand. A special collaboration between Kent Wang and Put This On.

Here are the details:

The club tie has a great history. Wearing a striped pattern can signify your social club, your military regiment or your alma mater. I belong to no social clubs, did not serve in the military, and my schools (School of the Arts in San Francisco and UC Santa Cruz) are less than necktie-friendly.

So, with the help of haberdasher Kent Wang, I created an official club tie for Put This On. It is a signifier of taste and distinction for a post-club era.

The Put This On tie features our signature colors, red and white, in a tasteful design which is suitable for almost any outfit. It’s six-fold, meaning it uses an extraordinary volume of silk, and ties and drapes particularly beautifully. And we priced it at $95, which is about half of what a tie of similar quality would cost you at Barney’s or Wilkes Bashford.

Now you can stride into any meeting with confidence, knowing that your superb taste in social organizations is reflected in the silk around your neck. Seize the day!

Kent has a limited volume on hand now, and a portion of each sale supports Put This On. Buy yours now.