The Put This On Ballcap Returns

November 19, 2013

The Put This On Ballcap Returns

Some months ago, we debuted the first iteration of the Put This On ballcap, designed to be simple, handsome and wearable. Now we’re back with two brand-new designs. As with our last cap, these are made in the US of A of premium materials, with fitted leather bands and satin-taped seams.

The gray and blue is a traditional mid-century style, with a slightly lower than modern crown and a six-panel format. We think the P stands for Put This On, but you can claim it stands for whatever you like. We are not naughty by nature, and are not down with other people’s P.

Our forest green cap features a vintage gold stag. This one’s an 8-panel model with a low crown, closer to what you’d find on a ballplayer of the 1930s.

Quantities are very limited, caps are $49 each. Shipping is $6 per cap, with a ten-dollar additional charge for international.

Order your cap now.

Update: these are about half gone, with some sizes starting to sell out. They won’t be restocked, so if you want one for Christmas or what-have-you, grab it now.